Jun 18, 2011


Ughhh..I should had been more careful. I dislike the uneven gap between the photos.
I might fix it some day but now I'm just too busy + it's menswear week! 
I wonder when Phoebe is going to launch her menswear line. 
Men seem to love what she's offering for women so menswear line (like Haider did) would be a natural way to carry on. 
And I'm quite sure we will see men wearing Céline for the following days.  
collages made by me; photos via vogue.it 


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  2. When I first came across this collection I had an instant jaw dropping moment. I went straight to the top of each photo with my eyes and scanned every one of them carefully (something I don't do very often). It's my favourite resort collection of the year thus far, and I'm sure it's going to stay that way. The pieces are so simple and perfectly structured, and the floral pantsuit really drives me mad. Congratulations for making a wonderful collection yet again. I cannot way to see what you're going to do next!

    With so much love,

    Lauren (thetwilightreeling.blogspot.com)